(A talk given at London Continuous Delivery meetup group, Nov 2017 – Product Management for Continuous Delivery – meetup.com/London-Continuous-Delivery/events/241510697/ )

“I’ll present a case study chronicling a series of CI- and CD-friendly changes implemented on a large scale public sector Agile project, noting the reasons we embarked on this, the pitfalls we encountered along the way, and reflecting on what these changes ultimately meant for our Product Management function and for Agile development on this project.”

Sara Saab has been product manager / product owner for a SaaS product over in Silicon Valley, a startup social network here in London, and on TfL’s Contactless ticketing back office system, which was taking steps towards a continuous delivery model during her tenure. Nowadays she runs an independent product consultancy called Ordinary Objects. Sara likes software that does what business people and technologists happily agree it should do.