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Our collection of more than 75 videos is one of the richest collections of learning material for Continuous Delivery that we know of!

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The LondonCD community is over 2500 people in size, all self-identified practitioners in Continuous Delivery. Through our sibling conference, PIPELINE, we can reach another 800 Continuous Delivery specialists. Before our recent move to YouTube, our 140+ Continuous Delivery videos across LondonCD and PIPELINE Conference received over 425K impressions and over 25K plays: we expect these statistics to continue or improve now that we have moved the videos to YouTube from Vimeo.

By enriching the videos with summaries and transcriptions (full or partial) on this website, we are able to make this useful material available to a wider audience. Our sponsors help us to make all this learning material available to the community. The sponsorship prices are set to cover costs and curation time, not to make a profit.

We tweet at least once per week on average from @londoncd with a link to a video page on the website, so 52 tweets per year or more sending visitors to the learning material on the website. We also message our 2500+ meetup community once every 2 months with a selection of links to pages on the website.

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The platinum sponsor gets exclusive sponsorship of the whole site with no other sponsor branding.

Platinum sponsorship costs £1290+VAT for two years.

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Our Gold sponsors get:

  1. Brand placement on all posts from one entire year (2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 taken).
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Gold sponsorship costs £490+VAT for two years. Years are available on a first-come, first-served basis (see our playlists on YouTube for details).

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