(Talk given at the London Continuous Delivery meetup group on Weds 20 April 2016)

Manuel Pais – Continuous Delivery in an Ancient World of Physical Devices

You’ve heard great talks about applying Continuous Delivery of web apps, mobile apps, maybe even desktop apps. But… desktop apps relying on physical devices? Are you serious? Yes, and it’s not rocket science. And no, there are no droids involved (sorry Star Wars fans).

Come learn about test automation in the ancient world (or is it?) of desktop apps depending on cameras, fingerprint readers and other physical devices by applying Cucumber recipes in a .Net environment (note: BDD knowledge is highly appreciated but not mandatory!) You might think back to this talk next time you’re in line waiting to have your passport controlled at some foreign border.

Manuel Pais – @manupaisable (https://twitter.com/manupaisable)