(From the LondonCD meetup group on 23 February 2016)

The technologies and approaches for Continuous Delivery are essentially identical across different operating systems, but some things need special treatment for Windows and .NET. When Jez Humble and Dave Farley published their groundbreaking book ‘Continuous Delivery’ in 2010, many of the tools described were either nonexistent on the Windows platform or did not support the rich automation capabilities they do now.

This talk aims to encourage many more teams working with Windows and .NET to adopt Continuous Delivery by sharing real-world success stories of organisations using Windows and .NET for Continuous Delivery; the speakers share their first-hand experience in different organisations and also explore some case studies from the new O’Reilly eBook ‘Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET’.

Chris O’Dell: @ChrisAnnODell

Matthew Skelton: @matthewpskelton