(A talk given at London Continuous Delivery meetup group, July 2017 – Continuous Delivery and Platforms / PaaS – meetup.com/London-Continuous-Delivery/events/240687132/)

Daniel Jones highlights some findings from cognitive psychology and neuroscience that go some way to explaining why continuous delivery ends up not only being more productive, but more enjoyable for its practitioners.

The three key take-aways are:

• Platforms raise the level of abstraction, reducing the size of the problem space. Without a platform it’s much harder to have product teams and remove all those crappy silos. We also look at the psychological benefits of product teams.

• The automation and self-service platforms offer means you have negligible transaction costs, which enables you to exploit the present bias rather than have it trip you up at the end of a Gantt chart. Without self-service, you can’t do this.

• The accessibility of platform functionality enables continuous delivery.

Speaker Bio: Daniel Jones is CTO of UK Cloud Foundry consultancy EngineerBetter, who have been improving value-delivery at the world’s largest banks, global wealth management firms, FTSE 100 retailers, governments and non-profit organizations. Daniel has delivered keynotes and talks at three Cloud Foundry Summits, internal bank tech conferences, user groups, as well as numerous video games industry conferences. He once even stormed the stage at a music festival to interrupt the performing act and accuse them of accepting bribes!