(Talk given at London Continuous Delivery meetup group, January 2017 – Continuous Delivery in Financial Services)

“I’ll be looking at the challenges we faced in taking a company based on Financial data from one that deploys every year to one that deploys every week or more. And how CD can actively improve, not only deployment speed and reliability, but also compliance, traceability and security.

The main areas of focus will be:

  • Who do we answer to?
  • Protecting the data
  • What regulation means for technology choices
  • Auditability : How much meta data?!
  • Some specific regulations and how they’re addressed and enhanced by CD

Biography – Ian Watson: “I’m Head of DevOps at Callcredit Information Group with over 20 years’ experience in Software Engineering. I joined the Callcredit Information Group in 2002 and have worked in both development and operational roles during a period of rapid sustained growth. I’ve spent the last 2 years working on the beginning of a transformation to move Callcredit to a DevOps culture and way of working – focussing on enhanced collaboration alongside increased automation to massively increase our ability to deliver reliably and often. I’m also a big fan of 90’s glam rock which is obviously a key contributor to successful DevOps!”