(Talk given at London Continuous Delivery meetup group, November 2016 – Team Design for Continuous Delivery)

It appears we have the formula for great engineering teams nailed; Cross functional, T-shaped, pizza sized and manifesto enabled. All teams live in tension between their own output and contributing to others’, is spinning up a team in a continuous delivery environment any different?

In three sections this talk considers design factors for continuous delivery teams, starting with what, if anything, is different about creating a CD team. We look two key common factors which underpin high performing teams. Finally we explore what you can do to improve your team and assist (or even inspire) it’s continuous delivery capability.

John Clapham is an independent coach, trainer and consultant. He specialises in DevOps and Agile, helping teams to build great products, and organisations to become more effective, productive and enjoyable to work in. His broad experience in software development and leadership ranges from start-up to enterprise scale, gained in the publishing, telecommunications, commerce, defense and public sector arenas.

John’s initiatives are fuelled by coffee, Lego and Bristol’s frequent inclement weather. He occasionally surfaces as @JohnC_Bristol, and has been rumoured to blog at johnclapham.wordpress.com