(Talk given at London Continuous Delivery meetup group, November 2014)

Continuous Collaboration & Example Driven Development

Jenny and Pete would like to share our experience at Sparkle (http://www.sparkle-cs.com/), in particular how we use examples to guide conversations and drive development, and our aspirations (and achievements) towards building a highly maintainable domain-driven living documentation system.

* The joined up team and continuous acceptance – collaboration, shared ownership, and common tools
* The value of real-world data in examples
* Ubiquitous examples (examples soup-to-nuts!) – aligning change and impact across business rules, documentation, tests and code
* Living documentation – our collaborative approach using Confluence – supporting different audiences with different needs
* The link to TDD: how examples drive design and code, and support shared ownership and continuous acceptance
* Cool tricks to componentise examples and test data to maximise re-use and improve testability
* Executable specifications, selective automation and lessons learned

About Jenny

Jenny Martin (@jennyjmar (https://twitter.com/jennyjmar)) is an accomplished leader of cross-functional teams and specialist in the fields of Agile and Lean delivery and quality improvement. Motivated by collaborative approaches to software development, Jenny believes that great leadership is about creating highly participative, teams and encouraging shared commitment and responsibility.

She has 18 years experience across multiple platforms, tools and technologies in disciplines spanning the entire software development life-cycle and a demonstrable track record of delivering complex IT systems in the customer loyalty, retail and finance sectors

In addition to her full-time position, Jenny is a frequent speaker at Agile Testing and BDD events, and provides training and workshop facilitation in collaborative software development techniques.

About Pete

Pete Buckney (@PeteBuckney (https://twitter.com/PeteBuckney)) is a founder director of Co Made, and is passionate about using collaborative approaches to build software that changes businesses for the better.Pete is an IT all-rounder, with 18 years’ experience as a developer, business analyst, technical architect, project manager and trainer, and enjoys working hands-on to bring together business and technical functions to build the software the business needs.Pete also enjoys coaching, offering training in joining up collaborative techniques like impact mapping and specification by example with BDD and TDD development approaches.